Super excited to announce my new website with integrated blog! I’ll leave this up as an archive (although I spent the time transferring all the posts to other site too). I’ve got a bunch of photos over there and I’d love if you would check it out.

PNI dbacks main 0414 040814606


Sports without the action

PNI d2 boys hoops A 0228 0224140326tlb

It’s been awhile friends. The last month has been long and arduous. I’ve been working non-stop on a project that the editors of the paper are really invested in and I think I’ve hit a lull in being creative.

I hate to say it, but sometimes this job burns me down. It leaves me with no sense of self-worth and little remembrance of why I am in it. I see all these people doing great work and wonder why I am not doing the same.

The creative juices have been sapped from me, so I tried to jump start myself at the State basketball tourney last weekend. These were my attempts to show the drama without the action.

PNI d1 girls hoops B 0301 0224140354tlb

PNI d1 boys hoops A 0301 0224130339tlb

PNI d1 girls hoops B 0301 0224140354tlb

PNI d1 boys hoops A 0301 0224130339tlb

PNI d1 boys hoops A 0301 0224130339tlb

PNI d1 boys hoops A 0301 0224130339tlb

PNI d1 girls hoops B 0301 0224140354tlb

PNI d1 girls hoops B 0301 0224140354tlb

PNI d1 girls hoops B 0301 0224140354tlb

PNI d1 girls hoops B 0301 0224140354tlb

PNI d1 girls hoops B 0301 0224140354tlb

PNI d2 boys hoops A 0228 0224140326tlb

PNI d1 girls hoops B 0301 0224140354tlb

PNI d1 boys hoops A 0301 0224130339tlb

PNI d3 boys hoops 0302

PNI d1 girls hoops B 0301 0224140354tlb

PNI d1 girls hoops B 0301 0224140354tlb

PNI d3 boys hoops 0302

PNI d3 boys hoops 0302

PNI d3 boys hoops 0302

PNI d2 girls hoops A 0228 0224140312tlb

PNI d1 girls hoops B 0301 0224140354tlb

PNI d1 girls hoops B 0301 0224140354tlb


Thanks for looking, friends

lil’ time and lotsa pitchas

So I’ve been really lame in my first month of blogging in 2014. I have tried over and over to start and write some of the things that have been on my mind, but they just haven’t been flowing. The long and short of it is that I haven’t been feeling that inspired with my work and I need to jump full force into something quick. I’m hoping to eventually push through, so look for at least three blog posts next month.

Here is a look back at a busy January. The rest of this blog will be random thoughts and ideas I’ve either written in notebooks or emailed to myself.

PNI0120 pfchangs main 011020140452pb

Jan. 19th- This lady just asked if I needed help shooting pictures of the race. I wish I said something devastatingly witty  in reply. 

PNI0120 pfchangs main 011020140452pb PNI0120 pfchangs main 011020140452pb PNI0120 pfchangs main 011020140452pb PNI0120 pfchangs main 011020140452pb

Jan. 19th – I remember when I was probably seven and thought I was the fastest runner a kid could be. I challenged a classmate to a race in the parking lot and when he beat me, I learned that I was, in fact, rather slow. 

arizonabasketball PNI012313 - arizonabasketball PNI012313 -

arizonabasketball PNI012313 -

Jan. 23-  Totally overheard a cheerleader saying she farted during that last cheer. I wonder how often that happens. 

PNI0112barretjackson slideshow

Jan. 18- What’s the differential on close friends after college? I wonder if any of them think about our times together. I definitely still cling to those friendships with random texts, hoping to magically spur conversation that will transport us back to a time when we genuinely cared about each other. Now we talk about video games and life, but not the same as before. Not with the same fervor or interest. It’s gone. Time is unyielding.  

PNI0112barretjackson slideshow

Jan. 17-  Totally just agreed with a guy that foreign cars were ‘total garbage.’ I find that the more outrageous and terrifying you are, the more I will agree with you. 
PNI0112barretjackson slideshow PNI coyotes host vancouver main 0117 0115131010jd PNI coyotes host vancouver main 0117 0115131010jd

Jan 16- Broke a lens filter just now when a puck smacked the front of it through the hole. Heard some other photogs talk(i)ng crap earlier, but I’m going to believe that this makes me legit now. 

PNI coyotes host vancouver main 0117 0115131010jd PNI coyotes main from toronto game 0121 0116141127jd PNI coyotes main from toronto game 0121 0116141127jd PNI algae 0101 1219130200rr

Jan. 13- People grow and sell algae. My college refrigerator was a gold-mine and I never knew. 

PNI algae 0101 1219130200rr

Jan. 11- This guy is talking, but I really don’t need any of what he is saying, but I want him to feel important so I’ll just keep writing and writing and writing and writing and writing and done. 

PNI1224-met mesquite santa #121713118lw PNI0112 supercross 0109130424tlb

Jan. 16- I just awkwardly high-fived a drunk guy in a Tap-Out shirt who asked me how many times a girl has ‘asked about my big lens.’ Trying to decide whether this is a new high or low. Further investigation required. 

PNI1224 state fb 121920130543pb

Jan 31- I miss her.

LaDonna Harris PH131211 PNI0115 success 4 kids 121013631tk

Jan. 9- So many innuendoes, so little time. 

PNI0126-met cubs grand opening Updated PNI phoenix open 0117141223mc

Anyway, as always, thanks for looking my friends. I do truly appreciate everyone of you even though I never say it enough.


The end is a new beginning, 2013

“In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” -Abe

It’s been a crazy year. I went from a know-nothing newbee, into a slightly less know-nothing one-year-bee. Overall I’d say that is a success.

PNI0831-spt pinnacle 0827130559tlb

Lost and confused to slightly more lost and more confused. Then back to normal. Then, more lost. Wash, rinse and repeat.

PNI1026-met Buckeye city 1010130127dm

But I grew a lot this last year. Not in height. I appear to be stuck at 6’1. That’s not going to help me with my hope of being drafted by the Suns. But in photographic skill and general knowledge.


I learned to appreciate things. Large and small. Friends and family. The most important camera is the one you have on you. And I spent a lot more time shooting on my phone. Partly because work requires it and partly because it gives me a even more, fly-on-the-wall ability.


PNI0512-spt d3 base 0508130817tlb

1212120134lrPNI1208- met roberts

Some of my best memories from the year actually occurred without a camera in my hand. I will remember them fondly, even if I can’t post them to this blog. I made so many new friends over the past year, too many to name, but know that I appreciate each of you for keeping me sane and listening to me ramble when you could’ve easily said shut up.

0103130407kw PNI0113-liv music in the workplace asubase 0123131056jm

Every year, I get to the end and look back. I compare to the year before. And initially I was disappointed with this year. I looked at the previous year and felt like I accomplished more. Like I had better images the year before. I looked around at my coworkers and felt like a pauper among princes. (See their work here-

110820130506pb PNI1118 az ironman


PNI1130 d3 foot 1126130200tlb


But I looked back again, to everything I got to experience and to everything I learned. I got better on each assignment, even if there wasn’t a portfolio picture out of it. I became more patient. I sat on situations for longer. I thought more and more about every shoot.

pni0530-met preschool grads 0530130923dp PNI0619-nwv west valley pools 0613212jlk 0710 dust storm -- A Haboob rolls into Casa Grande, AZ on July 10, 2013. Patrick Breen/ The Republic PNI0730-spt hs foot 0725130329jw

Sure, I’m not going to win any POYi’s, but I did improve. One of my favorite photographers and mentors, Alyssa Schukar tried to get it through my thick skull. I was complaining to her earlier this year that I wasn’t improving. That I had hit my peak and had flat-lined.

PNI0811-spt rattlers 0805130101tlb paleontology petrified forest 0801

“I’d encourage you to look back at previous times you had felt that you’d plateaued. I think you may find that they were actually times of growth. Only you couldn’t see the forest for the trees.” – Alyssa Schukar

cristian avila PNI1130 d2 foot 1126130209tlb PNI0619-nwv west valley pools 0613212jlk PNI0528-spt Diamondbacks 0319130816cwp Buffalo Soldiers of the Arizona Territory FEATURE

Her advice was right. Don’t be shooting for a portfolio. Don’t think about where you are or where you want to be. When I started shooting, I would shoot anything and everything. I was a kid in a candy store. Every assignment I thought about where the best light was and how I could get to the best situation. I needed to get back to that.

PNI0907­mr backyard boxing 0821131610pm PNI0831-spt pinnacle 0827130559tlb PNI0514-spt d2 soft 0508130842tlb PNI0612-nwv elderly weightlifter 0607224tg

And so I did. The last part of this year was a blast. I shot how I wanted to shoot and let the rest fall into place. Maybe this isn’t the best work in the world, but it’s the best that I got so far. And I’m going to get better. Whether I realize it or not, it will happen.

PNI0907­mr backyard boxing 0821131610pm Arizona's Original Scream Park Navajo students make their way to school in the early morning light.


“You’ve got to keep shooting until you forget about that damned plateau. Don’t think about your portfolio for a bit. Just shoot.” -A

And those have been the best words I’ve listened to. Forget the portfolio for awhile. Shoot because you can. Shoot because you love to shoot. Just shoot.

Thanks again, friends.

PNI0805-spt rattlers 0729130406tlb

november in review

I just turned 24 and according to my “plan,” set by 14-year-old Patrick, I’m pretty far behind on some looming deadlines. But I’ve spent the last decade always skating by on the last second, so I’m used to it by now. Here is a few assignments from last month of work.

Shane Olivea Shane Olivea Shane Olivea

Shane Olivea, former NFL lineman, is preparing to get back into the game and training in Phoenix. Newsday called me up and wanted some portraits. To be quite honest I was nervous about the limited time and access, especially being my first non-wedding freelance gig in awhile. Nevertheless, I shot it and the big guy was ridiculously nice and easy going.

cristian avila cristian avila

I also shot my first Ironman competition. These people are ridiculously insane. I was just exhausted from watching them do all that stuff all day.

110820130506pb PNI1118 az ironman 110820130506pb PNI1118 az ironman

I came back to my yearly season of basketball portraits. Not a great set to start out with, but I’m glad to be back shooting my favorite sport (to play/watch or shoot) and have a few ideas I’m hoping to bring to the table for some high school teams later on this season.

1113131226jw PNI1124 boys hoops preview 1113131226jw PNI1124 boys hoops preview

I visited a lady who fosters boxers and reminded me how much I missed owning a dog. I grew up with a boxer when I was young and they are extremely smart, funny dogs. I’m looking into picking myself up a friend maybe after a bit. If I do, I apologize now for what my instagram feed will become.

PNI1128-met thank you notes 1122131055mlf PNI1124-onl gilbert days rodeo 1120131340ekg

And a return to high school football playoffs. So much excitement and fun. This year I got to shoot some important games (the big timers had College Football to worry about, suckers) and enjoyed every bit.

PNI1130 d3 foot 1126130200tlb PNI1130 d3 foot 1126130200tlb PNI1130 d3 foot 1126130200tlb PNI1130 d3 foot 1126130200tlb PNI1130 d3 foot 1126130200tlb PNI1130 d3 foot 1126130200tlb PNI1130 d3 foot 1126130200tlb PNI1130 d2 foot 1126130209tlb PNI1130 d2 foot 1126130209tlb

Anyway, nothing crazy in this blog post. Just trying to push out something with a little bit of consistency. Fourteen-year-old Patrick can shove it, I’m going at my own pace. A pace that might even put out an end of the year blog post for the first time in like three years.

Thanks for looking my friends.

PNI1130 d3 foot 1126130200tlb

i’m new here…

13170048Z PNI1111 PIR main LAP-

I find it very fitting that the team with the Budweiser sponsor won the race in Phoenix. Especially since my first trough urinal experience at NASCAR occurred with a man taking a big drink of Keystone while peeing elbow to elbow with me. Ew. Keystone.
PNI1109 PIR main 13170971Z

I’m still very green to the whole NASCAR racing thing. I have no idea why they do any of the things they do, but I do try to make it look pretty. Each time I’m here I learn more.PNI1109 PIR main 13170971Z

When you see photographers like Christian Peterson or Mark J. Rebilas at the races, you know there are going to be great images coming out from it. So I try and get competitive, try to think of new angles. But with cars rolling around a track, there seem to only be a number of areas to get stuff from. PNI1109 PIR main 13170971ZI’m still learning the areas and the shooting, but it’s getting a bit more fun each time. Kinda looking forward to the next race in March. 
13170048Z PNI1111 PIR main LAP-228

Also in a bit of shameless self-promotion, I got a Q and A with the NPPA blog-

Extremely honored to be on the blog, and thankful for everyone’s responses. It means a lot. I probably don’t say it enough, but I’m extremely grateful for everyone who has helped get me here. Sometimes I get so caught up in wanting to improve and change everything in my portfolio and life that I forget to take a breath and look around and appreciate what I’ve got.

I have amazing friends, an awesome boss, a beautiful girl, a talented staff of co-workers constantly pushing me further. I have a job that pays me to shoot. I’ve got a roof over my head and a netflix account with a darn-near perfect queue. If someone had told me everything I would have done and everyone I would’ve met over this crazy journey to 24 years I would’ve thought they were lying.

So I apologize for the constant worrying, complaining and self-deprecating.

13170048Z PNI1111 PIR main LAP-

I’m lucky. Oh so lucky, and I do appreciate everyone. Thanks for looking friends.


I write a lot on this blog. Probably too much. Not today. Here are pictures.
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